Pluralsight Course: Using MongoDB with ASP.NET MVC

After months of hard work, I've finished my first Pluralsight course! I labored to distill what I've learned about MongoDB, specifically within the .NET platform, to help others get a jump start. My favorite part was sharing how document databases remove many of the constraints that usually hamper good design within our applications.

Using MongoDB with ASP.NET MVC

Interested in using MongoDB to store information in your ASP.NET MVC applications? This course covers the decisions you will face and the tools available to incrementally build an MVC application with MongoDB. You will learn how to connect to MongoDB using the official C# driver, create documents and customize serialization, overcome the object relational impedance mismatch and start creating rich domain models, store and modify documents, query documents with both LINQ and Mongo query styles, and store files with GridFS. At the end of this course, you will have the skills necessary to begin using MongoDB in your .NET applications.

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